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Get moving and you can join a prestigious Walk MS club. The pride you will feel and knowing what a difference your efforts make in the lives of people with MS will amaze you. The more money you raise, the more perks you receive!

Extra Milers
Take your support of our mission to the next level. Each year the Upper Midwest Chapter purchases prizes and incentives for event participants to reward them for their fundraising efforts. Many of our participants have generously waived or donated their prizes back to the National MS Society to even further their support of our work to create a world free of multiple sclerosis. These funds will now be used to help find the cause of and cure for MS as well as provide ongoing support for people living with MS. Thank you for your generosity! You will receive special recognition on the website. See the 2013 Extra Milers.

Mission Movers – Raise $500, join the Mission Movers Club
Turn in $500 on or before the day of the event and earn a special perk at the event.
See the 2013 Mission Mover Club members.

Golden SolesRaise $1,000, join the Golden Soles Club
Turn in $1,000 by event day and earn special perks at the event and recognition throughout the year. Just imagine if you asked everyone you know for $50 — only 20 people need to accept, and you’ve met your goal. See the 2013 Golden Soles Club members.

1. Express check-in
2. Reserved Port-o-Potties
3. Recognition on the website
4. “Welcome to the Club” letter
5. Club windbreaker in your inaugural year

VIP Club – Raise $3,000, join the VIP Club
If you raise $3,000, we're not only going to give you all the perks of being in the Golden Soles Club, you’ll also gain access to our VIP tent (Twin Cities only) for you and a guest, along with other perks. See the 2013 VIP Club members.

1. All the perks of Golden Soles
2. Rest stop perks
3. Invite to the VIP tent (+ 1 guest) (Twin Cities only)
4. Recognition signs along the route

Mission Stars Club
Raise $10,000, join the Mission Stars Club
This is the big ticket! If you raise $10,000, you will receive all the perks of the Golden Soles and VIP Club, and you will be spoiled on the event with treats and recognition throughout the year. See the 2013 Mission Stars Club members.

1. All the perks of Golden Soles and VIP clubs
2. Rest stop in your honor
3. Mission Stars Club fleece vest in your inaugural year

Thank you to our national sponsors

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